The world’s only cigar-holding thermal tumbler!

Caddy Cups

We are proud to present our brilliantly designed cups that securely hold your cigar and beverage. We are built for any recreational activity and this keepsake is guaranteed to wow family, friends, and others who enjoy cigars!

Our Mission

Our mission was to take today’s cigar holder concepts to another level. Holy hole in ones we did it! We partnered a fully functional cigar holder with an always handy thermal beverage cup and the Caddy Cup came to life!


Caddy Cups has created an ingenuity that will be second to none. Our cups are exceptionally designed by inventive professionals to securely hold your cigar and keep it from slipping.


Our products can be personalized with desired names, team logos, and more. Surprise your friends or loved ones with a versatile cigar-holding thermal cup that brings their two favorites together.

What Our Customers Say

Hi RJ,
I just received my Caddy Cups! They are beautiful!! Thank you so much and I’m sure my brother and sister-in-law will love them. I will definitely recommend your product as well as the excellent customer experience. 

– Pam

Good Afternoon RJ,
I just returned from Nationals out in Eugene and to my surprise the cup was here. I really appreciate you. The cup is great, the craftsmanship on the cup looks really good and I look forward to using it this week. I will be reaching out to some of my customers to get feedback and some pre-orders. 

– Ash & Smoke Cigars

Yes we did – thank you very much.
I bought one of these for my neighbor who is never without a cigar – you would have thought I handed him a bar of gold – he was so excited. Said he was going to take to his “cigar club” – he thinks these will be fabulous and I agree  I told him to spread the word –

Julie Garth @ The Villages

Looks absolutely amazing! I love it! Can’t wait to show it off an get some traffic running through your page! I really appreciate it! 👍🏽👍🏽👊🏽 

– Pipes _Tobacco_Cigars_Smoke 8

Hi Randy!!
I was waiting until after the holiday to ask about the cup and the invoice so I can pay for it. Today, I received the cup in the mail. It is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it and I know he will too! 

- Kendra

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