Have Your Caddy Hold It!

A Cigar-Holding Thermal Cup Perfect for Golfers

Joining The Innovative Leaders of Golf Accessories

Founded by some of the industry’s creative minds, Caddy Cups offers a uniquely designed cigar holder built in a thermal beverage cup. This caddy perfectly fits in various spaces like golf carts, sports bags, beach chairs, and boats.

So, whether you are taking a break from a game or traveling to the golf course, you can smoke your cigar and take a sip of your favorite drink conveniently.


Why Choose Our Cups

Cleverly Designed

Caddy Cups has created an ingenuity that will be second to none. Our cups are brilliantly designed by inventive professionals to securely hold your cigar and keep it from slipping while you enjoy your beverage.


Perfect for personal use and as gifts for golfers and cigar connoisseurs, our products can be personalized with desired names, team logos, and more. Surprise your friends or loved ones with a versatile cigar-holding thermal cup that brings their two favorites together.

Buy Yours Today

Smoke your cigar in a stylish and innovative way with our ingeniously designed products. For order placements or any inquiries, reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.